Hi everyone!

Well today has gone by without a glitch. I think I was in the kind of mood today that if I wasn’t doing the diet I would have snacked all day. Just craving all the non healthy stuff. I also mixed it up a little (there isn’t a lot of variation to this diet) by having my meal at lunchtime instead at the end of the day. It felt us though I had cheated at lunchtime and then felt sad at dinnertime as there was no meal to look forward to! I might just stick to meal in the evening as my willpower starts to fade at that time, so just having a shake didn’t feel like enough. I also didn’t go out walking today, but was still active.

Anyway, after a couple of days of no weight loss it is starting to happen again which I’m really pleased about. It gives you the motivation to keep going when you get results.

So here is my diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Slim Fast Pretzels 95 kcal

Lunch. Small portion of yesterday’s Spanish omelette and some broccoli and cauliflower. Approx. 300 kcal

Snack. Slim Fast caramel bar 95 kcal

Dinner. Vanilla shake 230 kcal

Tea and coffee with milk 70 kcal

TOTAL 1020 kcal

Weight loss 1 pound

Weight loss so far 6 pounds.


Today is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day!) and seeing as though thin, British pancakes are not to high in calories we had to have them sometime today! It did mean I haven’t had a lot of vegetables today. The rest of the day I have been quite active and following my normal routines. Today has been a little different as I’ve actually been really hungry, even after the snacks and the shakes. It meant by the end of the day I still wanted to eat something so I grabbed one of the Slim fast caramel bars before bed. I don’t really think that was a good idea, and don’t usually have my third snack at all. This hungry feeling is a new problem and hopefully one that will pass as it felt quite annoying never feeling satisfied. I am also researching starting a new business which is food related which I’m currently researching. It means I’m going to have to start trialing recipes soon which isn’t going to be easy! 

Here is my food diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 240 kcal

Snack. Apple 60 kcal

Lunch. Vanilla shake 200kcal

Snack. Skips 76 kcal

Dinner. 3 homemade pancakes with lemon and sugar approx. 300 kcal

Snack. Slim fast caramel bar 95 kcal

Two cups of tea with milk 30 kcal

TOTAL 1001 kcal

No weight loss

Total weight loss so far 4 pounds.

In all honesty I’m really gutted it has been two days without any weight loss. It takes my average weight loss over eight days to 0.5 pounds per day. I think if I hadn’t set myself this challenge it would be at this point I would either become more strict about my calorie intake or give up altogether. But that is what the review is for so I’m going to keep going regardless!

See you tomorrow!



Hi everyone,

well the first week is finished, and it’s gone by without a hitch! I’m a quarter of the way through the whole challenge and with each day I get more excited about seeing the end results.

Today was the first day I have I have fancied an extra snack or so but I thinks it’s because I went to the supermarket today so it was full of temptations. I didn’t relent though and am still really enjoying the challenge. I was back to my normal routine today including walking the dog, so just continuing with moderate amounts of activity.

My food diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Caramel Slim Fast bar 95 kcal

Lunch. Vanilla shake 200 kcal

Snack. Medium apple 50 kcal

Dinner. Vegetable lasagne 412 kcal

Coffee 30 kcal

TOTAL 1017 kcal

No weight loss today

Total weight loss so far 4 pounds

Here are my (just after) before and after photos for this week. I don’t see a lot of difference personally, but I don’t think I chose the best outfit for my photos. Let me know what you think! Four pounds is quite a steady weight loss so I’m curious to see if that continues over the next weeks.

PhotoGrid_1393923581583 PhotoGrid_1393923635472


Hi everyone!

Day six? I had to check this was actually right as it doesn’t feel as though I have been on a diet for nearly week. I am nearly a quarter of the way through my diet challenge and I am really enjoying it. I have had a busy day today driving for a couple of hours and working at a craft fair all day. Despite this I haven’t felt hunger or had any cravings. So far I haven’t had any cheats as the diet is so easy to follow, even on days like today.

My food diary today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Medium apple 50 kcal

Lunch. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Slim Fast chocolate delight bar 95 kcal

Dinner. Two Quorn burgers a bread bun with mixed salad. Approx 400 kcal

TOTAL 1,000 kcal

Total weight loss 1 pound

Total weight loss so far 4 pounds

See you tomorrow!

Putting Slim Fast to the test! Review the Slim Fast Plan- One month challenge! Day Five!

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe I’m five days in! It really doesn’t feel that way at all! Today’s been so much better than yesterday. I woke up still feeling a little poorly but got gradually better as the day has gone on. The diet has seemed super easy today, in fact it doesn’t really seem like a diet really. The shakes are quick, easy and really tasty. I have a sweet tooth so it appeals to me in that way! I even noticed my favourite ice cream in the freezer and I wasn’t even tempted. I am also finding because the shakes are pretty sweet, I am having less tea and coffee to try and compensate my craving which is what I normally do. Instead I’m desiring water.

I was busy making cushions today, alongside my normal routine and I also went walking with my dog. Even with extra activity I wasn’t hungry between meals or snacks particularly.

My food diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Lunch. Vanilla shake 200 kcal

Snack. Pretzels 95 kcal

Dinner. Shell pasta with a large mixed salad and fried red onion. approx. 470 kcal

TOTAL 995 kcal

No weight loss today

Total weight loss so far 3 pounds

Putting Slim Fast to the test! Review the Slim Fast Plan- One month challenge!

I’m feeling a little crazy and I feel like a new challenge. I am such an advocate of wellness and natural food sources that I’m really curious to see if something like Slim Fast really works. It contains processed materials and sugar so I am very skeptical as to whether simply a calorie reduction even eating processed material is enough to lose weight.

I am a hugely faddy eater. I have the kind of personality where I become obsessed with certain foods for a while. Eat them so often I become bored and move on to the next thing. The only thing that remains consistent is I have always craved carbohydrates and sugar. Sometimes I give in to this, occasionally to excess, sometimes I indulge moderately (least likely) and I often ban them from my diet completely.

In short, I enjoy extremes.

I am currently a healthy weight for my height. I exercise but I am not an athletic build.

I have dedicated my body to Slim Fast for one month in the name of anyone who has ever wondered if shakes really do work. Here goes!



Breakfast. Rich chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Small apple 30 kcal

Lunch. Rich chocolate shake 23o kcal

Snack. Some mouthfuls of lentils. 1 small apple. 60 kcal

Dinner. 100g wholewheat pasta, mushrooms and soy sauce 373 kcal

Drinks. Water and 2 cups of coffee with milk 60 kcal

TOTAL: 983 kcal

-0.5 pounds

See you tomorrow!

juice fast 3 days + 3 days results. Before and after photos.

So here we are! you may already know I needed to split my juice fast, doing a 2 1/2 day then I ended up doing a 3 1/2 day fast. The final day of my fast was predominantly a water fast as I was really craving it at the end.

So the results over 6 days combined was a total loss of 6 pounds.

Start weight 9 stone (bmi 22.3)

Finish weight 8 stone 8 pounds (bmi 21.2)

Photo timeline


Before and After



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Juice fast re-start day 3

Hi everyone, well it’s day 3, and my final day fotomorroww. I have a sushi lunch date tomorrow so it’s good timing 🙂 I really feel like I’m craving proteins and water today sso I think I’ll be having mostly water today and less juice. I didn’t have opportunity to take my normal body shot this morning, so here’s a clothed one to substitute.

Weight 8 stone 9.5 (bmi 21.4)


I will post my final before and after pictures tomorrow.