Today is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day!) and seeing as though thin, British pancakes are not to high in calories we had to have them sometime today! It did mean I haven’t had a lot of vegetables today. The rest of the day I have been quite active and following my normal routines. Today has been a little different as I’ve actually been really hungry, even after the snacks and the shakes. It meant by the end of the day I still wanted to eat something so I grabbed one of the Slim fast caramel bars before bed. I don’t really think that was a good idea, and don’t usually have my third snack at all. This hungry feeling is a new problem and hopefully one that will pass as it felt quite annoying never feeling satisfied. I am also researching starting a new business which is food related which I’m currently researching. It means I’m going to have to start trialing recipes soon which isn’t going to be easy! 

Here is my food diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 240 kcal

Snack. Apple 60 kcal

Lunch. Vanilla shake 200kcal

Snack. Skips 76 kcal

Dinner. 3 homemade pancakes with lemon and sugar approx. 300 kcal

Snack. Slim fast caramel bar 95 kcal

Two cups of tea with milk 30 kcal

TOTAL 1001 kcal

No weight loss

Total weight loss so far 4 pounds.

In all honesty I’m really gutted it has been two days without any weight loss. It takes my average weight loss over eight days to 0.5 pounds per day. I think if I hadn’t set myself this challenge it would be at this point I would either become more strict about my calorie intake or give up altogether. But that is what the review is for so I’m going to keep going regardless!

See you tomorrow!



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