Putting Slim Fast to the test! Review the Slim Fast Plan- One month challenge! Day Four!

Hi everyone,

well day four was a little tricky! Not because of the diet but just because I was sick. I had a migraine all day and was in bed. I just drank a lot of fluids but I still had two shakes, one small meal and one snack. It’s not perfect but it was the most I could manage.

My calories intake was low, but so was my expenditure.

Here is my food diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Lunch. Caramel shake 200 kcal

Snack. Slim fast pretzels 95 kcal

Dinner. Small wholemeal bread roll, one cup of spinach, Philadelphia cream cheese. Approx. 200 kcal

One tea with sugar 30 kcal

TOTAL 755 kcal

Weight loss -0.5 pounds

Total weight loss so far 3 pounds



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