Putting Slim Fast to the test! Review the Slim Fast Plan- One month challenge! Day Three!

Hi everyone! Well so far the Slim Fast diet has been really easy, and pretty tasty! The only stumbling block so far was I woke up at four in the morning hungry. I just felt really empty, so much so it woke me from my sleep. By the time I got up and was ready for breakfast I didn’t feel too hungry.

To go alongside the Slim Fast my partner brought home a Tesco version of 200 kcal per serving. I tried one of these instead of the Slim Fast today before buying some more Slim Fast today. I may alternate between the two. I figure it doesn’t make a difference to the review as the concept is the same.

It was pretty much my normal routine today plus a dance class in the evening.

Here is my food diary for today

Breakfast. Chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Chocolate caramel bar 95 kcal

Lunch. Tesco Ultra Slim 200 kcal

Snack. Small banana 95 kcal

Dinner. Two wholemeal bread buns, one poached egg with spinach and ketchup. approx. 500 kcal

TOTAL 1120 kcal

Weight loss -1 pound

Total weight loss so far 2.5 pounds


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