Putting Slim Fast to the test! Review the Slim Fast Plan- One month challenge!

I’m feeling a little crazy and I feel like a new challenge. I am such an advocate of wellness and natural food sources that I’m really curious to see if something like Slim Fast really works. It contains processed materials and sugar so I am very skeptical as to whether simply a calorie reduction even eating processed material is enough to lose weight.

I am a hugely faddy eater. I have the kind of personality where I become obsessed with certain foods for a while. Eat them so often I become bored and move on to the next thing. The only thing that remains consistent is I have always craved carbohydrates and sugar. Sometimes I give in to this, occasionally to excess, sometimes I indulge moderately (least likely) and I often ban them from my diet completely.

In short, I enjoy extremes.

I am currently a healthy weight for my height. I exercise but I am not an athletic build.

I have dedicated my body to Slim Fast for one month in the name of anyone who has ever wondered if shakes really do work. Here goes!



Breakfast. Rich chocolate shake 230 kcal

Snack. Small apple 30 kcal

Lunch. Rich chocolate shake 23o kcal

Snack. Some mouthfuls of lentils. 1 small apple. 60 kcal

Dinner. 100g wholewheat pasta, mushrooms and soy sauce 373 kcal

Drinks. Water and 2 cups of coffee with milk 60 kcal

TOTAL: 983 kcal

-0.5 pounds

See you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Putting Slim Fast to the test! Review the Slim Fast Plan- One month challenge!

    • Thanks for commenting. The thing about it is it doesn’t teach about healthy eating, however I was impressed with the information on their website about recipes and portion control for the one meal per day. I think it has improved over the years. I’m still skeptical about the refined sugars etc and still being able to lose weight! Maybe I should do a maintenance review afterwards too 🙂

      • absolutely! I have never been interested, I guess it’s because I like food to much lol… I did try Herbal life for a short time but couldn’t keep up on it. However, I did lose weight on it initially.

        Good luck and keep me informed.

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