Juice fast re-start

Hi everyone. So,  over a week ago I was 2 days into a 10 day fast when my juicer broke. I got my new one a few days ago which is awesome, so I’ve started a new fast. It is a big birthday for me in just over a week, so I still have a bit of time to fast. I want to be able to eat normally again by my birthday as I am going away and will be eating out etc. I figured this gives me enough time for a 3 day fast. So my last fast was 2 1/2 days! Even on such a short fast I can see a difference. Here is the before and after:

Before 9 stone, after 8 stone 12.


So today I have begun my 3 days, so here is today’s picture. I’ve been brave enough to ditch the heals this time!

8 stone 11.5 (bmi 21.9)



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