10 day juice fast: day one

I am embarking on my first 10 day fast. It is the new year and although I have been eating well over the holidays, I have been snacking on crap. I have really been feeling like my body had been craving a fast.

I also have my next ivf appointment in around 4 weeks, so I wanted to fit in a nice fast before then.

So it’s day one! The beginning of the juice fast is always the hardest part, as it is the most intensive part of the detox. Today has been really tough. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and sensitive today. I have had a headache nearly all day.

Although I am juicing to improve my fertility, previous juice fasts have had an awesome effect on my body, so this time I thought it would be good to document that this time.

Day one: 9 stone exactly



2 thoughts on “10 day juice fast: day one

  1. Hi Amy,
    just out of curiosity/interest: have you tried a Juice fast before? If so, what results did you achieve and have you managed to keep the consistent? I’ve always liked the idea, but I’ve come across a history of drawbacks in recent research. So, I just wanted to know your thoughts through your experience.

    Hope you hear back from you.

    all the best


  2. Hi Nathan,
    Thanks for your interest. I have juice fasted before, and I’ve published a book specifically on juicing to boost fertility. I believe that there’s no better way to get the nutrients you need than though juice. This doesn’t need to be a fast, but a fast does allow the digestive system to rest. In the past I have lost a pound per day juice fasting, and have maintained my shape and health by continuing to eat a plant based diet and to juice.
    I hope that answers your question,

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