juice fast 3 days + 3 days results. Before and after photos.

So here we are! you may already know I needed to split my juice fast, doing a 2 1/2 day then I ended up doing a 3 1/2 day fast. The final day of my fast was predominantly a water fast as I was really craving it at the end.

So the results over 6 days combined was a total loss of 6 pounds.

Start weight 9 stone (bmi 22.3)

Finish weight 8 stone 8 pounds (bmi 21.2)

Photo timeline


Before and After



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Juice fast re-start day 3

Hi everyone, well it’s day 3, and my final day fotomorroww. I have a sushi lunch date tomorrow so it’s good timing 🙂 I really feel like I’m craving proteins and water today sso I think I’ll be having mostly water today and less juice. I didn’t have opportunity to take my normal body shot this morning, so here’s a clothed one to substitute.

Weight 8 stone 9.5 (bmi 21.4)


I will post my final before and after pictures tomorrow.


Juice fast re-start day 2

Sooo, day two of my juice fast. I’m feeling really good, no detox side effects this time! I was a little hungry at the end of yesterday which maybe means I didn’t drink enough. I also left it a little late before my first juice this morning which was a little silly. I have been experimenting with some recipes today. Some hits some misses! But all in all not a bad day.

Weight today 8 stone 10.5 (bmi 21.6)


Juice fast re-start

Hi everyone. So,  over a week ago I was 2 days into a 10 day fast when my juicer broke. I got my new one a few days ago which is awesome, so I’ve started a new fast. It is a big birthday for me in just over a week, so I still have a bit of time to fast. I want to be able to eat normally again by my birthday as I am going away and will be eating out etc. I figured this gives me enough time for a 3 day fast. So my last fast was 2 1/2 days! Even on such a short fast I can see a difference. Here is the before and after:

Before 9 stone, after 8 stone 12.


So today I have begun my 3 days, so here is today’s picture. I’ve been brave enough to ditch the heals this time!

8 stone 11.5 (bmi 21.9)


10 day juice fast: day 2

Well day 2 is completely different. I had a hard day on day 1, I was very sensitive and emotional and I felt physically yucky. But today was so different. I’ve been full of energy and so happy. I’m hoping that’s the intensive detox over! There has been a major setback however, my juicer broke! I was halfway through juicing which is a bit of a bummer!

The good news is that I managed to get enough juice to finish the day, the bad news is I will need to suspend my fast until my new juicer arrives 😦

So I will post again when a re-start the fast. This is my day 2 photo:

8 stone 12 1/2. Lost 1 1/2 pounds.


10 day juice fast: day one

I am embarking on my first 10 day fast. It is the new year and although I have been eating well over the holidays, I have been snacking on crap. I have really been feeling like my body had been craving a fast.

I also have my next ivf appointment in around 4 weeks, so I wanted to fit in a nice fast before then.

So it’s day one! The beginning of the juice fast is always the hardest part, as it is the most intensive part of the detox. Today has been really tough. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and sensitive today. I have had a headache nearly all day.

Although I am juicing to improve my fertility, previous juice fasts have had an awesome effect on my body, so this time I thought it would be good to document that this time.

Day one: 9 stone exactly


New year- new you. The importance of drinking water


I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But this is serious! And it can seriously improve your health, so before giving up before you start, look at how water can benefit YOU!

Drinking water maintains balance across the body.

Your body is made up of around 60 percent water. To maintain this level helps many functions in the body including the transportation of nutrients, digestion, absorption, circulation, maintaining correct body temperature and the creation of saliva.

Drinking water helps muscle function.

Without enough water the electrolytes in your muscles shrivel, causing muscle fatigue. Muscles that are well hydrated tend not to spasm, cramp or cause pain.

Drinking water helps kidney function.

The kidneys are responsible for removing water-soluble waste, including nasty toxins from your body through your urine. Without good hydration the kidneys struggle to cleanse your body of waste. They also retain water leaving urine dark and strong smelling. Long term dehydration can also dramatically heighten your risk of developing kidney stones.

Drinking water improves bowel function.

When the body is not adequately hydrated the colon removes water from stools in order to maintain hydration. This lack of hydration causes blockages in the gastrointestinal tract causing constipation. Constipation stops the removal of toxins from the body through your waste, a process critical for good health.




photo credit suphakit73-freedigitalphotos.net